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Even nowadays, creating things by heart and hands is always appealing, while many things are virtual or based on electronics. For enthusiasts, kids and adults of all ages, it’s a fulfilment and a rewarding experience of assembling amazing and superb 3D mechanical wooden models by the hands.

Our Products and Services offer a unique and creative experience for kids and youths and to all Sciences enthusiasts.

Camiounti - Sciencia Truck

MECAGEAR, product line designed and manufactured by Sciencia, presents Sciencia-Truck kit "Camiounti", an educational wooden Truck kit targeting kids of 8 years old and beyond to assemble their first 3D model.

Sciencia-truck is a unique mechanical self-assembly model, self-powered by a brilliant mechanism and inspired by real machineries.

Sciencia-truck kit contains all the necessary tools and parts to fully assemble the truck, put it to work and have a lot of fun.

This kit is absolutely worthy for all mechanic enthusiasts.