Sciencia Tech

Innovating STEM Learning and Teaching

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Sciencia Tech designs and develops awesome and affordable educational kits and teaching equipments and tools for everyone to enjoy STEM!

Our Products and Services offer a unique and creative experience for kids and youths and to all passionates.

Our Services

Educational Kits

Our rich catalogue of complementary kits for all ages englobes all STEM disciplines and we make as affordable as any learning book.

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Materials & Contents

Our LMS and KM systems provide a unique and great opportunity to find what the right knwoledge and understand it in the most enjoyable and efficient way.

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Teaching Tools & Equipments

We design and maintain a large set of affordable Teaching Tools & Equipments to support the practical and experimental STEM teaching.

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Support and Customization

Our products are open-source and we offer support and customization to institutions and partners for adapted learning experience.

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Our Work

3D Puzzle : Sciencia Truck / Camiounti

Sciencia Truck / Robot Traker

Low Cost Generic Analogue Multipurpose Robot

Instrumented Wind-tunnel

Low Cost Air and Environment Quality Measurement

Arduino Generic Robot for Education

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